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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nebraska--Lincoln, 1939. Department of Agronomy.


A study was made to determine the segregation for winterhardiness, growth habit, earliness, and other plant characters in lines of crosses between Minhardi, a hardy late winter; Early Blackhull, a tender early winter; and Hope spring wheats.

A definite relation was found to exist between growth habit and winter survival although the association was not complete. Growth habit and earliness from fall seeding appeared to have very little relation, indicating that two types of earliness exist: one affecting earliness of heading from fall seeding and the other the expression of growth habit. Each parent seemed to carry factors for both types of earliness.

The presence of very early spring lines, hardy lines, and late tender lines indicates that with large populations many types of individuals are possible as far as these characters are concerned.

Advisor: K. S. Quisenberry.