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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1999. Department of Anthropology.


Copyright 1999, the author. Used by permission.


This thesis research involves the contents of a cistern discovered during construction on the Student Union on the University of Nebraska campus.The contents were excavated within forty-eight hours of discovery so construction could continue.The brick lined cistern contained a variety of historic materials.The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate the use of combining historical and archaeological research in an effort to portray a more complete and accurate picture of the past.The data sets to be used in this research include historical records including census data, property records, and city directories.The archaeological data set will include the bottles, glassware, and whiteware from the cistern assemblage.The cistern did contain other materials including metal, faunal remains, window glass, and crockery, but these materials will not be addressed in this research.Research problems to be addressed include determining the age of the assemblage, the gender and age of the occupants associated with the assemblage, and their health. The question of how well the historical and archaeological records agree and disagree will also be considered.The information gathered during this research project will demonstrate the important link between history and archaeology, provide more information on the history of Lincoln.

Advisor: Peter Bleed