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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1961. Department of Chemistry.


Copyright 1961, the author. Used by permission.


The problem resolved itself into the following three steps: (1) to obtain the α-chloro- α, β-unsaturated ketone derivatives of 4’-phenylchalcone and p-phenylcrotonophenone which are analogous to the α-bromo-α, β-unsaturated derivatives of the two ketones. (2) To determine the cis/trans ratio varies when chlorine is substituted for bromine in the α-halo-α, β-unsaturated ketone reaction with a primary amine. Specifically, to react α-chloro-p-phenylcrotonophenone with cyclohexylamine and to determine the amounts of the cis/trans isomers in each case. (3) To determine if the cis/trans ratio varies when the solvent is changed from benzene to methanol and tertiary butyl alcohol in the reaction of α-chloro-4’-phenylchalcone with methylamine in the reaction of α-chloro-p-phenyl-crotonophenone with cyclohexylamine.

Advisor: N. H. Cromwell