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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nebraska--Lincoln, 1968. Department of Agronomy.


Copyright 1968, the author. Used by permission.


Experiments were conducted on Sharpsburg silty clay loam soils of Mead and Lincoln, Nebraska to evaluate the soybean varieties of different maturity classes for use in double-cropping, after wheat, under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions in 1967. Varieties, Chippewa 64, Hark, Harosoy 63, Amsoy, Ford, and Wayne were planted in 30 and 40 inch row spacings.

Significant decreases in yield components occurred due to the late planting, after wheat. The number of seeds produced per unit area seem to have strong effects on seed yields obtained, than did seed weight. Variety and time of planting interactions were significant for most of the characters studies. Locations and row-spacing did not have consistent effects on any of the characters under the conditions of these experiments.

Advisor: James H. Williams.