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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1968. Department of Poultry Science.


Copyright 1965, the author. Used by permission.


The author’s intent for this study was to begin with a careful review of the published literature concerning the manganese requirement and manganese interactions in poultry feeding. When the review was finished, experiments were designed and conducted to obtain more precise data and conclusions on the young turkey’s requirement for manganese. The role of manganese in the prevention of perosis and certain manganese interactions were also considered in this research.

The specific objectives of this investigation were: (1) to determine the quantitative requirements of manganese for young turkeys, 0-4 weeks of age, (2) to study the effects of manganese and manganese interactions on growth and hock development of turkey poults, (3) to study the need for supplemental manganese in practical corn-soybean meal diets for young turkeys.

Five experiments were conducted with day-old Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys. Four of the experiments were of four weeks duration, while experiment III was continued to eight weeks.Straight-run poults were used in experiments I, III, and V; female poults were used in experiments II and IV.In each experiment the poults were selected at random, wingbanded, weighed and assigned to dietary treatments.The birds were maintained in electrically heated battery brooders on raised wire floors. The experimental diets and water were supplied ad libitum. Individual body weights were recorded at weekly intervals.The feed consumption of birds assigned to each dietary treatment was determined at the termination of experiments I, II, III, and V.

Samples of the basal diet from all experiments were analyzed for manganese content.The basal diets used in experiments II and V were also analyzed for zinc and sodium content.The analyses of the diets from the first four experiments were run by the Calcium Carbonate Company, Quincy, Illinois.The determination of sodium in the diet from experiment V was made by the Soil Laboratory, Agronomy Department, College of Agriculture, University of Nebraska.

Advisor: Thomas W. Sullivan