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May 2005


M. Arch. thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 2005


The project proposes to develop a rural subdivision community, Garden Village, near South Bend in Cass County, Nebraska, on the south side of Interstate 80, near exit 426, between Omaha and Lincoln. It seeks to integrate new urbanism with the environment in a way that uses sensitive techniques on the existing landscape. The development will use the environment to enhance the design and create a “place” through its unique community identity, architecturally designed housing and work places, recreational activities, and strong access to surrounding communities. Features include commercial centers, apartment complexes, gold course, mobile home park, and dam construction. The project develops a model for community growth that captures the positive aspects of urban places and yet does not destroy the rural landscape or its economy. It explores a model for a satellite community with good access to both urban and rural areas. It also explores a model for a satellite community with the maximum population of 1,200 people with a limited growth boundary. Mentor: Thomas Laging

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