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Spring 5-10-2014

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Langenfeld, Justin R. "Workplace Ecosystem" Master of Architecture Thesis, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2014


A THESIS Presented to the Architecture Faculty of The College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For the Degree of Master of Architecture, Major: Architecture, Under the Supervision of Professor David Karle. Lincoln, Nebraska: May, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Justin R. Langenfeld


The modern workplace is a fluid world that must react to quickly changing business, social, and technological climates. The most successful companies figure out ways to remain flexible by sharing resources and flexible workspace either with other companies or within the departments of their own organizations. While many small companies look to business incubators for such support, and large companies possess the infrastructure to create their own flexible work environments, there are companies in between that do not normally have access to such support systems. This project looks to create a “workplace ecosystem” that brings together such diverse company types and perspectives in one office location that provides them with a flexible architectural system to share costs, ideas, and workspaces for the benefit and success of the whole business community.

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