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Washington D.C. Principles For Free Access to Science

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M. Arch. thesis, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, May 2005


(MARCH 16, 2004) - WASHINGTON, DC – As scholarly, not-for-profit publishers, we reaffirm our commitment to innovative and independent publishing practices and to promoting the wide dissemination of information in our journals. Not-for-profit scientific, technical, and medical publishers are an integral part of the broader scholarly communities supporting scientists, researchers, and clinicians. We work in partnership with scholarly communities to ensure that these communities are sustained and extended, science is advanced, research meets the highest standards, and patient care is enhanced with accurate and timely information. We continue to support broad access to the scientific and medical literature through the following publishing principles and practices. 1. As not-for-profit publishers, we see it as our mission to maintain and enhance the independence, rigor, trust, and visibility that have established scholarly journals as reliable filters of information emanating from clinical and laboratory research. 2. As not-for-profit publishers, we reinvest all of the revenue from our journals in the direct support of science worldwide, including scholarships, scientific meetings, grants, educational outreach, advocacy for research funding, the free dissemination of information for the public, and improvements in scientific publishing. 3. As not-for-profit publishers, we have introduced and will continue to support the following forms of free access: • • • • Selected important articles of interest are free online from the time of publication; The full text of our journals is freely available to everyone worldwide either immediately or within months of publication, depending on each publisher’s business and publishing requirements;
The content of our journals is available free to scientists working in many low-income nations; Articles are made available free online through reference linking between these journals;