Architecture Program


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May 2005




The design project entails the integration of the arts and sciences to create an educational center for the public to learn about the Continental Divide and the surrounding ecosystem. The intention is to design a building that exhibits an expression of its adaptability to climactic conditions and plays an interactive role in how one perceives the surrounding environment. The mixing of both art and science will allow for the building to become a viewing device that will adapt to the site’s multiple elements in a manner that can induce a clear educational environment. Both disciplines will converge on a common space (Interpretive Center) that will act as a showcase for the work that is researched and developed. The design project will entail re-locating and expanding the artist’s residency program that currently exists in the Park and also creating a research facility that will be available for continuing studies. Both facilities will overlap into a single space (i.e. Interpretive Center) that will share their work with the public. The ‘mutual’ space will be considered as an educative area. The chosen site for the Interpretive Center is within Rocky Mountain National Park within the state of Colorado . The site is located off the two lane highway in an area named Milner pass, at an elevation of 10,759 feet. The building will reside on the edge of Poudre Lake, the headwater for the Poudre River. Mentor: MARK HOISTAD

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