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Jamie Wietfield

Date of this Version

May 2006


M. Arch. Thesis, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, May 2006.


The Near South Neighborhood within Lincoln was originally a prominent neighborhood of large single-family homes. Within the 20th Century a need for higher density living initiated the development of multi-family units within the area, which has drastically affected the characteristic of the neighborhood.

The intention of this project is the development of a system of infill housing that allows for higher density living, enhances the characteristic of the neighborhood, provides affordable housing options, and adapts to multiple site and user characteristics.

Developing a system of modular units, the project allows for multiple design solutions, personalization of space, and an efficient use of building materials. Proactive planning supplies multiple design options for each prospective client as they select the initial core and subsidiary units based on personal preference and site characteristics. Reactive housing uses multi-function spaces and adjustable interior elements to create a fluctuation of space after construction.


1 To develop a system of infill housing that responds to different site conditions and to individual resident’s needs.

2 To develop efficient housing that creates multifunction spaces that allow for the expansion and contraction of activities within a minimum square footage.

3 To develop adaptable interior elements that simultaneously provide multiple functions such as storage units, partitions, seating, and workspace.

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