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Jason Seckman

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May 2006

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M. Arch. Thesis, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, May 2006.


Cather Pound - Redesign addresses the redevelopment of the Cather Pound Residence Complex located on north 17th Street on the University of Nebraska, Lincoln campus. These upperclassmen dormitories were hastily built in the 1960’s during a period of rapid growth for the university. These corridor style dorms were originally designed for double occupancy, but are now more often used by only one student. As our student culture changes the university is building more popular suite and apartment style residences. The archaic nature of dense student housing that these new units are replacing, becomes more apparent, and thus a redesign of the Cather Pound Dorms is inevitable and necessary. In order to successfully design housing to replace these outmoded facilities, designers must understand who lives in the dorms, how they live in them, the effects of social density, and the inhabitants perception of their physical environment.

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