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April 2005

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M. Arch. Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 2005


The Memorial Stadium project will investigate the current conditions of facilities, study existing programs with regard to renovation and modification, and establish capacities for expansion. The project necessitates knowledge of sports facilities and the specific needs of the football program. This may involve research into the need of individuals ranging from the players themselves to the coaches, and ultimately the fans as well. The result will lead to a program which provides excellent solutions to the found needs. It is assumed that these needs will include updated training, locker room, and medical facilities for the athletes. Other programs include offices and meeting rooms for coaches, additional seating for fans—raising overall seating capacity of Memorial Stadium, as well as the possible addition of luxury skyboxes. Existing spaces will be scrutinized and renovation options will be explored. Programs may be changed or moved within the existing stadium spaces. Study will uncover the most feasible and reasonable solutions to programming spaces within the stadiums current facilities. This project will seek to connect the architecture of a stadium with the experience of the game. The design of athletic facilities and the addition of seating will embody the tradition of winning and the excitement of the future for Nebraska Football in Memorial Stadium. Mark Hoistad, mentor.

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