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May 2008


BIODYNAMIC DWELLING is a graduate design thesis which explores the current status of the “mobile home,” its ubiquity, and its history, ultimately seeking to innovate this commodified housing type. Millions of Americans reside in “mobile” residences of varying types, harbored in an environment which is neither healthy nor appropriate in a post-fossil fuel era where energy independence is paramount.

As the most humane and personal of all built spaces, the dwelling affords the unique position to at once provoke, question, and inform the position of architecture within the realm of society. This proposal for a biodynamic dwelling—at once both bioclimatic and dynamic—suggests a living arrangement which rejects the current proliferation of stasis and homogeneity in housing, while embracing an adaptive, flexible alternative. The intention is that the dwelling, passive in existence and dynamic in nature, will support a deeper engagement with one’s living space, while also providing a greater cognizance of natural cycles.

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