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May 2008


Industrial development throughout the world has led to a global society. Although sharing of information and technology is beneficial in many ways, these global means have also created many issues that are not always contributing to economic and social societies. International business is not only unsustainable for environmental reasons, but it also often means that many unethical decisions are made for the purposes of cheap labor, mass revenue, and other un-amiable intentions. The Urban Essentials project’s purpose is to create an urban area that searches for a solution against these capitalistic means of business. This idea is realized in the project by concentrating on the industry of agriculture.

Agriculture is the vital connection with the earth that mankind has, to produce food that sustains life in urban settlements. It is the most essential daily element to our survival in cities throughout the world. This project will bring agriculture into the city of Lincoln. The industry of agriculture within the city will also network with the regional industry to create a local agricultural network. In the city there are large growing facilities that are capable of producing agricultural products indoors.

The city center of Lincoln will host one of these growing facilities. Located directly below this facility is a market area. The market will sell fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other products grown above. The market also has ample space for hosting other market venues, which are intended to be locally, owned small businesses. The building is part of a larger urban fabric in which agriculture functions as an industry within the city, independent of outside sources.

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