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New approach delays soybean irrigation, maintains yields
New group focuses on bioenergy crops in the Midwest
Sandhills dunes more stable than once thought
Take ‘may contain food allergen’ labels seriously
Advanced infrared camera expands hydrology research
UNL-based Drought Mitigation Center has new leadership
Carbohydrates in milk can help block bacteria
Tending human tendons using ultrasound
Research studies effect of one-time tillage on no-till
IANR, cattle feeders partners in cattle research
Medical, animal researchers to collaborate
Rural Nebraskans not the retiring type, poll shows
IANR returns 15 to 1 benefit for each tax dollar
New components of plant immunity being identified
Developing dicamba-resistant broadleaf crops
New software analyzes biofuel production
Supplemental nutrition late in pregnancy can produce heftier heifers with improved pregnancy rates
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