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Sharing discoveries, innovations statewide
New tool aids crop decisions when water restricted
Quantifying impact of attack on nation’s grain marketing system
Soy oil finding’s help shape food allergen labeling laws
Feedlot heat stress research saves millions
Field trials providing info to combat soybean rust
Initiative increases UNL expertise, collaboration for water research
Cattle grazing influences bird nesting in Sandhills
Demand growing for IANR’s improved, water-thrifty buffalograsses
Lighter weight replacement heifers cut feed costs without hurting reproductive performance
Undergrads and scientists team on research efforts
Studies provide insights about antibiotics’ fate in soil
Nutrition research finds many pre-school children short on key vitamins
Ozone cleans soil contaminated with explosives
New Sandhills facilities will aid research
Research provides info to help turn crops into fuel
Soybeans packed with beneficial omega-3 in the works
Probing genetic clues to reproductive development
Entomologists’ findings could cut aphid damage
Researchers exploring subsurface irrigation’s potential
Glimpses at ARD Research

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