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Baragar, Arnold E. (1949) Liquid loss from glass jars processed in the pressure cooker (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 163)


ISSN 0097-1494


Home canners and extension home economists have inquired frequently why much liquid is sometimes lost from glass jars of food processed in the pressure cooker. At an extension service Home Canning Research Conference held at Kansas City, December, 1946, state extension agents requested research on this home canning problem, because no published reports were available. This bulletin is a report of experiments with glass jars processed in a pressure cooker to determine (1) conditions that allow much liquid to be expelled from jars, (2) conditions that reduce liquid loss to a negligible amount, and (3) the physical conditions involved in the loss of liquid from jars. Liquid loss was considered to depend possibly upon some or all of the following factors encountered in home canning: cooker pressure, jar size, jar contents, headspace above contents in jars, type of closure and seal, and sealing torque. Experiments were designed to vary these factors in order to obtain information on liquid loss.