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Anderson, Arthur, Nelson, A.P., Hayes, F.A. and Wood, I.D. (1938) A proposed method for classifying and evaluating soils on the basis of productivity and use suitabilities (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 98)


ISSN 0097-1429


It is the object of this paper to present a method for classifying and evaluating the soils as mapped in regular soil surveys on the basis of land types, which are here defined as areas having reasonably similar productivity and use suitabilities. The standards used to differentiate land types will vary according to the desired objectives, but any material difference in yield, or in practices necessary to maintain a desirable level of productivity will justify recognition of land types. The proposed procedure involves a more detailed study of the influence which soils, slope, erosion, and drainage have on specific crops and practices than is contained in the county soil survey reports. It would appear logical to develop it on an area basis, first by selecting counties in which the soils, their environment, and the agricultural practices are fairly typical of the area as a whole, and then enlarging to include all the state. Johnson County, located in the center of the drift-hill area of southeastern Nebraska, was selected to illustrate the procedure.