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Vogel, K.P., Johnson, V.A. and Mattern, P.J. (1975) Reevaluation of common wheats from the USDA World Wheat Collection for protein and lysine content (Research Bulletin No. 272)


ISSN 0161-3835


The protein and lysine content of wheat can be altered by breeding only if genetic variability exists for these traits. Lysine is a nutritionally limiting amino acid in wheat protein. Protein and lysine analyses of the common wheats of the USDA World Wheat Collection indicated that variability does exist for these traits. Some of the variability for protein and lysine among wheats of the World Collection may not be genetic in origin, because all the 12,000 wheats analyzed were not grown in the same environment. The purpose of this study was to reevaluate selected lines from the World Wheat Collection to further verify genetic variability for protein and lysine contents in common wheats and to identify high protein and high lysine lines that may be of use to wheat breeders.