R. W. Goss

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Goss, R.W. (1924) Effect of environment on potato degeneration diseases (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 26)


ISSN 0097-1357


During recent years much of the investigational work on the degeneration diseases of the potato has been directed toward the separation and identification of a number of diseases formerly grouped under the general names of mosaic, leaf roll, and "running out". Extensive studies have also been made on methods of transmission, host range, overwintering and the identification of the evasive causal factor. Investigations of this type, however, have progressed slowly because of the necessity of developing new methods of research, because of the complexity of the problem, and because of the lack of knowledge regarding the causal factors. Meanwhile there is an immediate and pressing demand from the seed growers and the inspectors of certified seed for advice and instruction regarding these diseases. Their chief interest is in the problems of (1) the recognition of these diseases in the field, (2) their effects upon yield rate, and (3) methods of control. It seems, therefore, desirable to present here the results of certain preliminary studies which contribute in some measure to a better understanding of these more practical problems and to point out some of the factors, and their effects, which must be considered in a study of these problems. In discussing the three problems outlined above, emphasis will be laid upon the first, i.e., the recognition of these diseases in the field. This is prerequisite to a proper investigation of the other two problems.