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Smith, Henry W. and Rhoades, H.F. (1942) Physical and chemical properties of soil profiles of the Scott, Fillmore, Butler, Crete, and Hastings series (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 126)


ISSN 0097-1457


For the studies reported here most of the samples were taken in the spring of 1940 from the walls of deep pits dug in areas previously selected by surveyors and inspectors as type locations for the Butler series. To elucidate certain points, samples were taken from the upper part of several other profiles, also called Butler, the following year. In addition to this work on the characterization of the Butler series, further data have been collected concerning soils of the Scott, Fillmore, Crete, and Hastings series. Profile samples were obtained from type locations of each of these series. The data from these samples, in combination with those previously published, make possible more detailed comparisons among these soils, as well as with those of the Butler series.

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