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Cundiff, Larry V. and Gregory, Keith E. (1968) Improvement of beef cattle through breeding methods. Summary of results from Regional Project NC-1 (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 196 Revised)


ISSN 0097-1527

North Central Regional Publication 120 (Revised)


This publication is a revision of North Central Regional Publication 120, published by the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station (Research Bulletin 196) in July, 1961. It summarizes the more important results from this project during its first 19 years of operation. It is by no means complete and includes only what is considered to be the "highlights" of findings at this time. A bibliography of all publications that provided the basis for this summary statement is included. This publication is in the nature of a progress report on many aspects of beef cattle breeding research. Although it is based on considerably more research than the original North Central Regional Publication 120, it is expected that additional knowledge gained by a continued dynamic research program will serve to sharpen the interpretation of the results and give a clearer perspective to presently perplexing problems. While the interpretations of the research results presented seem logical in light of available information, additional knowledge may lead to changes or modifications.