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Tysdal, H.M., Kiesselbach, T.A. and Westover, H.L. (1942) Alfalfa breeding (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 124)


ISSN 0097-1455


Interest in the principles of alfalfa breeding has increased greatly with the growing "forage consciousness" of the country at large and the more specific interest developed through cooperation in the Alfalfa Improvement Conference. As is true of many other forage crops, information on the breeding behavior of alfalfa is meager. During the past few years, however, the genetics and principles of reproduction of this crop have come to be better understood and it is the purpose of this paper to bring together the available information pertaining to the improvement of alfalfa and to add certain suggestions with respect to future possibilities. The new data herein reported were obtained through a cooperative alfalfa breeding program conducted jointly by the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station and the Division of Forage Crops and Diseases, Bureau of Plant Industry, U. S. Department of Agriculture. Information will be presented on the amount and manner of natural crossing, the effects of inbreeding and hybridization, and the possible commercial utilization of hybrid vigor in alfalfa.