R. W. Goss

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Goss, R.W. (1924) Potato wilt and stem-end rot caused by Fusarium eumartii (Research bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 27)


ISSN 0097-1358


The present study was undertaken to obtain more information regarding the pathogenicity of Fusarium eumartii and to compare its action with F. oxysporum, in order to distinguish between and to determine the relative importance of the diseases produced by these two organisms. An effort was also made to explain the many negative results of isolation studies reported by various investigators, as well as the inconsistent results often reported in studies of the transmission of wilt by infected tubers. Investigations dealing with the effect of certain environmental conditions on the occurrence of the disease were also undertaken. All of the experiments recorded in this publication were conducted with the Bliss Triumph variety. It is hoped that the results presented here will materially assist in clearing up some of the long disputed points concerning the wilt of potatoes, and open up a new line of investigation in the study of the action of these wilt-producing organisms and their control.