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Ackerson, C.W., Blish, M.J. and Mussehl, F.E. (1938). The utilization of food elements by growing chicks. V. A comparison of cottonseed meal and linseed oil meal as portions of the protein concentrate (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 100)


ISSN 0097-1431


1. Two lots of newly hatched chicks were fed rations differing only in five per cent of their make-up. In the ration of one lot five parts of linseed oil meal were added to 95 parts of the base, and in the other ration a mixture of 4.5 parts of cottonseed meal and 0.5 part of starch was added, to keep the protein level the same. The remaining portions of the two concentrates were made up of five parts each of meat scraps and fish meal. 2. The amounts of feed consumed by all chicks of both lots were kept identical by hand feeding all chicks equal amounts daily. 3. The compositions of the chicks at the end of six weeks' feeding trial were determined, and the compositions of the gains calculated. 4. The lot fed cottonseed meal made slightly better gains per unit of feed and nitrogen fed. 5. The retention of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus was slightly higher for the lot fed cottonseed meal.