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Trotter, Virginia Y. and Liston, Margaret I. (1954) Farm family housing needs and preferences in Nebraska (Research bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 175)


ISSN 0097-1506


This bulletin reports the results of a survey of Nebraska farm family preferences, activities and possessions as they are related to housing needs. The study was part of a cooperative research project for the improvement of farm family housing in the North Central Region. The purpose of the study in Nebraska was three-fold: (1) To interpret the housing needs of farm families of the state in terms of: (a) some of the physical characteristics of the farm dwellings currently occupied; (b) features farm families would like in a new house if they were building one; (c) activities carried on in farmhouses that require special space and equipment; (d) statements of family members concerning preferred places in the house for carrying on specified activities; and (e) possessions farm families have that require space for storage; (2) To determine the difference in housing needs and preferences of farm families residing in different areas of the state, and of those varying in family income, family composition and farm tenure; (3) To identify the ways in which the housing needs and preferences of farm families in Nebraska are different from those of the North Central Region.