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Kuhr, S.L., Peterson, C.J., Johnson, V.A., Mattern, P.J. and Schmidt, J.W. (1984) Results of the thirteenth international winter wheat performance nursery grown in 1981 (Research bulletin No.305)


ISSN 0161-3868


This is the thirteenth report of results from an International Winter Wheat Performance Nursery (IWWPN) organized in 1968 by the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station in cooperation with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), U. S. Department of Agriculture, under contract number AID/ta-C-1093 with the U. S. International Development Corporation, Agency for International Development. The Nursery was designed to (1) test the adaptation and stability of winter wheat cultivars in a range of latitudes, daylengths, fertility conditions, water management regimes, and disease complexes; (2) identify superior winter cultivars to serve as recipient genotypes for high protein and high lysine genes; (3) test the degree of expression and stability of the high protein and high lysine traits in an array of environments; and (4) provide a vehicle for exchange of wheat germplasm and research cooperation throughout the major winter wheat producing areas of the world.