David T. Lewis

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Lewis, David T. (1975) Rates of water entry into the subsoil of several soil series in Nebraska (Research Bulletin No. 267)


ISSN 0161-3830


Rates of water entry were measured for 11 soil series representing many of the soils in parts of Nebraska where urban growth is most intensive. The wetting procedure in making the tests is critical and a 24 hour wetting time as usually recommended is not adequate for all soils if the percolation test is made during a dry season. Rates of water entry differed among soils even though a large amount of variation was evident within the same soil series. Statistical analysis showed a highly significant negative relationship between both clay content and bulk density and rates of water entry. No significant statistical relationship between sand content and rate of water entry in the soils was evident. A summary of the use of rate of water entry or percolation test data to plan the size of an absorbing field for a septic tank is presented.

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