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Howard Ottoson

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As you know Dr. Roy Arnold has been appointed by The Board of Regents as Dean and Director of the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station effective January 1, 1980. Personally, I am very pleased with Roy's appointment. I have become well acquainted with him while he has served as a staff member and a Department Head, and know that he will be a very effective Director of the Nebraska Station. I congratulate him, and you.
This letter is in the nature of an expression of appreciation to you as I leave the job of Dean and Director of the Station. I still vividly recall my somewhat mixed feeling in November, 1966 when I went from Agricultural Economics to Ag. Hall to “break in” to a new job during the few weeks that Herb Kramer remained at Nebraska. The new job appeared challenging and demanding; at the same time I loved my own research activities, and felt more than one pang at the inevitable break which I sensed would occur to that part of my life.

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