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Letter of Transmittal Sir: In accordance with the act of Congress approved March 2, 1887, and the act of the General Assembly of the State of Nebraska, approved March 31, 1887, establishing and regulating experiment stations, I have the honor herewith to submit the Forty-fifth Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska. W.W. Burr, Director


This report covers the investigations, expenditures, and publications of the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station for the fiscal year June 30, 1931. During the year 68 projects have been under investigation at the main station. These have covered a wide range of subjects. At the various substations the work is planned to meet the needs of the different regions.

The funds for carrying on the work of the stations are derived from federal and state sources. The work is carried on in definite projects according to the supporting fund.

Satisfactory progress was made on the research program. During the year eight projects were completed and seven new ones added. The selection of new projects is on the basis of most urgent need, together with the ability of the Experiment Station to carry the project.

The financial depression in which agriculture still finds itself has increased rather than decreased the demand upon the Experiment Station and the College for new and definite information. This demand has been taken care of insofar as possible.

During the year covered by this report eleven bulletins, nine research bulletins, and one circular have been published by the Experiment Station. In addition 22 technical papers have been prepared by members of the staff and printed in various technical and professional journals.