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Business in Nebraska vol. 54, no. 640


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From 1987 to 1997 Nebraska recorded a net increase of 216,529 full- and part-time jobs, bringing the state total to 1,145,953 for 1997. Total employment consists of three primary employment categories-agricultural employment, nonfarm private employment, and government employment. During the 1987 to 1997 period, the state's agriculture employment declined 12.7 percent (Figure 1). In 1987the state's total employment in agriculture was 77,723. By 1997 the numberofjobs in agriculture had fallen 9,857 to 67,866. Nearly two-thirds of the job loss in agriculture reflected the loss offarm proprietors. Nonfarm employment, the sum of nonfarm private sector and government employment, grew nearly 27 percent and added 226,386 jobs over the period. Nearly all ofthe growth (98 percent) occurred in the nonfarm private sector-32 percent---compared to only 3 percent growth in the government sector.

Nonfarm Private Sector