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Business in Nebraska vol. 52 no. 622


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Evidence of continuing strength in the Nebraska economy mounts. In 1996 total employment grew 2.2 percent. Year-to-date data through May of this year indicate a repeat of that performance. Despite isolated difficulties in maintaining such gains throughout 1997, especially in the construction sector, the economy should match last year's total job gain overall. Incomes will respond to the increases in jobs and to increasing wage pressures. Total nonfarm personal income will grow just under 6 percent in 1997. Drought conditions will cause income losses in parts of the state, but 1997 net farm income overall will show a small gain over 1996 levels. Total net taxable retail sales gains will mimic growth in 1997 nonfarm income. The advance in motor vehicle sales will lead the total sales gain in 1997.

Nonfarm Employment

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