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Business in Nebraska vol. 50 no. 596


Copyright 1995 by Bureau of Business Research, University of Nebraska.


The November/December 1994 issue of Business in Nebraska reported Nebraska's economic outlook for 1995 and 1996. In this issue, we compare 1995 and 1996 employment and income projections for Nebraska with projections for neighboring slates and overage annual growth roles in those measures from 1990 to 1994.


The November/December issue of Business in Nebraska reported that growth in Nebraska's total nonfarm employment will overage 1.4 percent per year for the next two years. 1 About half of the growth will occur in the service sector, which is projected to odd over 10,000 jobs during the two year period. The retail trade sector will odd nearly 4,000 jobs. Nonfarm employment in Nebraska grew about 1.5 percent per year during the first five years of this decode, 1990-1994. Services added over 13,000 jobs during the five year period, on average annual growth rate of approximately 1.9 percent per year. Employment in the federal government sector declined by over 500 workers. Wholesale trade lost over 1 ,000 jobs during this period.