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Business in Nebraska vol. 51 no. 603


Copyright 1995 by Bureau of Business Research, University of Nebraska.


Local economies vary in their ability to capture retail trade customers. Factors such as proximity to major highways, population, geographic isolation, and presence of regional malls affect the viability of a community's retail base. In this issue of Business in Nebraska, we examine the pattern of retail activity across Nebraska. Thai pattern of activity results in the formation of trade center communities that attract or capture a surplus of retail customers from surrounding communities and regions. We also examine the employment effects resulting from the amount of external retail sales captured by trade centers.

To locate the trade centers across Nebraska, we analyzed retail sales figures in the communities featured in the monthly Non-motor Vehicle Net Taxable Retail Sales table (see page 7). Data for the years 1990 to 1992 formed the basis of this analysis.

Levels of Trade Centers

Employment Impact