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Published in Business in Nebraska (April 1965) No. 247, 6 pages.


County and City Population Estimates for 1964 (E. S. Wallace and E. L. Hauswald)

During 1964 Nebraska's total population grew by less than one-half of one percent to reach a year-end total of 1,498,375. The percentage increase is less than one-fourth of that achieved in each of the preceding three years since the 1960 census, but appears to be in line with the 1964 increases of 0.2% and 0.5% respectively in the state's civilian labor force and number or employed persons reported in January by the state Department of Labor. Our figures also appears to be in line with the official Census Bureau estimate of 1,480,000 persons for Nebraska as of July 1, 1964. (The Census Bureau estimates the state population as of July 1 each year, but does not make county estimates.)

Business Summary (Kim McNealy)

In January, the dollar volume of business for Nebraska fell .6% from January, 1964, and 2.7% from December. For the U.S. the same index shows a 7.8% increase over January, 1964, and a 3.8% rise over December. The physical volume of business is up in both Nebraska and the U.S. from January and December, 1964. In the individual series for Nebraska, cash farm marketings had the greatest decline from December. Employment shows a slight growth in Nebraska and little change nationally over December.

1963 Census of Business (E. S. Wallace)

The portions of the 1963 Census of Business for Nebraska dealing with Wholesale Trade and Selected Services have just been received . These reports. available for 25¢ and 35¢ respectively from the Superintendent of Documents, Washington. D. C., present detailed information by lines of business for each county and city. Pending more complete analysis planned for future issues. a few preliminary observations on the state totals may be of interest.