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Published in Business in Nebraska (November 1966) No. 266, 6 pages.


Growth of Nebraska Homegrown Industries (Dorothy Switzer)

Nebraska is still in need of some impetus to change its sluggish performance in the field of employment and to offset or absorb the continued exodus in agriculture, as was pointed out in an article on the state employment situation in the October issue of Business in Nebraska. In many Nebraska communities precisely this impetus has been given by the ingenuity and business acumen of men and women who have developed homegrown industries. The story of some of these industries was told in the February, 1966, issue and elicited much interest not only within the state but beyond it and was extensively reprinted in Economic Development, monthly publication of the U.S. Department of Commerce. General recognition of the importance of new industries to the development of the state has led to the article which appears below and which tells of other Nebraska enterprises which have been initiated by inventive and creative individuals.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

In August, the dollar volume of business in Nebraska increased 13.9% over August 1965. Physical volume of business increased 8.8% from a year ago. Comparable U.S. indexes were +9.1% and +5.6% respectively. Examination of 1966 monthly changes indicates that, with the exception of January, Nebraska's monthly levels rose between 4 and 5 percentage points more than the U.S. Construction activity remained considerably higher than last year for Nebraska. Of the ten indicators used for both the U.S. and Nebraska all showed increases in Nebraska and construction activity was the only U.S. indicator decreasing from August 1965.