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Published in Business in Nebraska (1967) No. 272: 6 pages.


Nebraska Rural Labor Force Replacement (Dorothy Switzer)

Nebraska has the lowest rural labor replacement ration of any state in the nation, according to figures recently made available on the potential supply and replacement of rural males of labor force age for the decade 1960-70. Nebraska's low ration, 137, means that if there were no net migration to or from the rural population in the decade, and if the number of job openings were to remain approximately the same as in 1960, about 73 percent of the young men reaching working age would find economic opportunities by replacing older men in the rural population (100 divided by 137). Thus only 27 percent of the young men in rural Nebraska would be dependent on an increase in rural job openings or would have to move to urban places to find work.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

Dollar volume of business in Nebraska in February was up 6.0% from a year ago. The U.S. dollar volume increased 3.8$. Physical volume increased from a year ago 6.5% in Nebraska and 3.4% in the United States. From February to March, 1967 the dollar volume rose 11.3% in Nebraska and declined 0.6% in the United States. For this same period the physical volume rose 9.3% in Nebraska and increased 0.6% in the United States. In Nebraska, construction (-22%) was the only activity below year-ago levels.