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Published in University of Nebraska News (1967) 47(7): 6 pages.


Multiple Sources of Assistance are Available to Exporters (Dorothy Switzer)

When Nebraska manufacturers seek to protect or expand their stake in the world market, they need both expert advise and experienced assistance in handling the multiple negotiations involved in doing business overseas. Although many exporters are finding it advantageous to employ trade specialists, they also continue to place considerable reliance on their home state financial institutions. both directly and through their connections at the point of export. Nebraska banks are able to expedite foreign financial transactions and to provide other essential services such as letters of introduction to foreign businessmen and current information on letters of credit, exchange rates, and credit insurance.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

July's dollar volume of business in Nebraska was 1.0% higher than the July. 1966 level while the physical volume of business was 0.4% less than a year ago. The U.S. dollar volume increased 6.9% and the physical volume increased 3.7% during the period July, 1966 to July, 1967. Of the ten business indicators Nebraska had five increases and five decreases ranging from 14.5% increase in bank debits to a 35.8% decrease in cash farm marketings compared to year-ago levels. The U.S. had only two declining indicators - construction activity (-2.4%) and newspaper advertising (-3.4%).

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