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Published in University of Nebraska News (1967) 47(14): 6 pages.


Nebraska's Industrial Research and Information Service (James W. Monroe)

The Industrial Revolution has moved into the Era of Research, say many experts, as the industrialists of the world look for new products, new and more efficient ways of producing the goods which they have been producing, and other technical data necessary to make their companies more effective in today's highly competitive market. Technologies uncovered by this research are often the basis for the growth and expansion of existing industries and the establishment of new manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

September's dollar volume of business in Nebraska (Chart I) rose 5.0% from September 1966 and 1.5% from August, 1967. The U.S. dollar volume increased 6.8% from September, 1966 and declined 1.8% from August, 1967. Nebraska's physical volume had a 4.1% increase from a year ago and 0.2% decline from the previous month. In Nebraska, from September, 1966 to September, 1967, cash farm marketings had the greatest increase (+33.6%) and construction activity had the greatest decline (-9.1%).

Reviews (Dorothy Switzer)