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University of Nebraska News (1968) 47(16): 6 pages.


Population, Employment, and Income Projections (E. S. Wallace and Dorothy Switzer)

At this season of numerous forecasts for the year ahead, it seems appropriate to present in the accompanying article forecasts of certain aspects of the Nebraska economy for a much longer period.

The projections, based on analysis by an impartial outside agency, present a rather gloomy picture. Some may feel that they are inconsistent with the articles in our November and December issues describing the state's new economic development program. It should be remembered, however, that nearly all states have similar programs aimed at industrial expansion, that most of them are probably older, more intensive, and better financed that the one in Nebraska, and that such efforts are necessary even to hold our own in comparison with other states.

It is to be hoped that Nebraskans who do not like the picture of the future presented in the accompanying article will regard it, not as an insult, but as a challenge. We cannot meet this challenge, however, merely by trying to attract industries from other states. If they really wish to prevent the accompanying predictions from coming true, Nebraskans must demonstrate the ingenuity and initiative to conceive and develop- and the willingness to finance- industrial, trade, research, educational, and service enterprises and activities on a scale hitherto unknown.

The rosy future we all desire for the state will not come automatically or easily. It must be actively sought and bought by hard, sustained, courageous, intelligently directed, unified effort on the part of all segments of the state's economy.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

October's dollar volume of business in Nebraska (Table I) rose 13.0% from October, 1966 while the physical volume rose only 6.5% from a year ago. For the U.S. dollar volume increased 8.5% and the physical volume rose 4.0% from the October, 1966 levels. Gasoline sales (-0.7%) was the only Nebraska indicator declining from year-ago levels. In October Nebraska's construction activity index (+29.2%) was above the same month a year ago for the first time since September, 1966.