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University of Nebraska News (April 1968) 47(24): 6 pages.


Nebraska Educational Expenditures (Dorothy Switzer)

In terms of expenditure, education is by far the leading function of state and local government. In terms of socio-economic progress in the modern world, attainment of high educational standards is obligatory. Educational expenditures in Nebraska in comparison to other states, therefore, become a matter of extreme urgency as we attempt to build a climate conducive to economic and business growth.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

January's dollar volume of business in Nebraska (Table I) rose 10.5% from January, 1967. Nebraska's physical volume for the same period rose 6.3%. This indicates a significant rise in prices during this period. The U.S. dollar volume increased 8.8% and the physical volume increased 5.2%. Nebraska's December, 1967, to January, 1968, changes in dollar volume and physical volume were +4.7% and +0.9%. January, 1967, to January, 1968, changes in the individual business indicators ranged from +1.0% for construction activity to +11.2% for life insurance sales and electricity produced.

How Does Your City Grow? (E. D. Solberg)