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University of Nebraska News (June 1968) 47(28): 6 pages.


The Growth of Corporate Farming (Dorothy Switzer)

The structure of agriculture, its organization and control, is changing. Although the changes now perceived are not sudden developments, they will determine the nature of tomorrow's agri-business. The focus of this article is on corporate farming, one of the institutional changes being observed in agriculture.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

Both physical volume and dollar volume indexes of business in Nebraska indicate that the March, 1968 levels were below those of March, 1967. For the U.S., both the dollar volume and the physical volume increased from March, 1967. Construction activity dropped off considerably more in Nebraska (-27.4%) than in the U.S. (-5.4%) from March, 1967. For Nebraska and the U.S., the dollar volume and the physical volume declined from February, 1968. This is as expected since a slight seasonal surge of activity generally takes place during the month of February.

Two Retire From Full-Time Teaching (Dorothy Switzer)