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University of Nebraska News (October 1968) 48(7): 6 pages.


The Income Tax in Nebraska (Edward B. Schmidt)

As a basis for considering possible abandonment of the state income tax, Nebraskans ought to inform themselves as to the role it, along with the retail sales tax, is playing. Our State Tax Commissioner, in his 1967 Annual Report, has undertaken to supply this information. Unfortunately, too few people have access to this report; therefore, some of the facts taken from it are presented herein in somewhat condensed and modified form.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

Nebraska's July, 1968, dollar volume of business was up 12.5% from July, 1967, accompanied by a 7.6% increase in the physical volume of business. The U.S. followed this same pattern, with dollar volume rising 10.5% from July, 1967, and physical volume rising 5.7% in the same period. Construction activity, which rose in Nebraska by 3.6% from July, 1967, to July, 1968, fell in the U.S. by 5.7%.

New Bureau of Business Research Publications (Dorothy Switzer)

Reorganization of the College (C. S. Miller)

Area Studies Numbers Two and Three (E. S. Wallace)