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University of Nebraska News (November 1968) 48(11): 6 pages.


Role of Homegrown Industries in the Nebraska Economy (Dorothy Switzer)

Because the exodus from farm to city is continuing in Nebraska, it is necessary that industrial development to accelerated to provide employment for displaced agricultural workers who will have to migrate to other states unless suitable work can be provided for them here. From time to time Business in Nebraska has called attention to the state's homegrown industries that provide employment opportunities for significant numbers of workers. These articles have invariably elicited much interest and evoked requests for other success stories about innovative Nebraska enterprises.

Business Summary (R. L. Busboom)

Nebraska's retail sales are up 3.7% for the state as a whole for September, 1968, in relation to September, 1967. Hard goods increased 5.5%; soft goods, 1.7%. The September, 1968, state total is, however, down 4.2% from August, 1968. Although the September, 1968, state total is up from September, 1967, only ten of the twenty-two reporting cities showed increases over a year ago. Changes of retail sales reported for these twenty-two cities vary from a +12 .7% for Fairbury, to a -17.3% for South Sioux City.