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University of Nebraska News (March 1969) 48(21): 6 pages.



Extent of Corporation Farming in Nebraska (Dorothy Switzer)

Concern has been expressed in many quarters over the apparent increase in the number of nonfarm corporations that are buying land and initiating new farming enterprises in Nebraska. It has become important, therefore, to know the facts about the number of these corporations and the amount of farm land they are operating in the state. This information has recently been made available because Nebraska is one of 22 states included in a preliminary report summarizing a survey of corporate farming.


State and Local Taxes in Nebraska (E. S. Wallace)

According to figures recently released Nebrdska ranked 32nd among the 50 states in state and local taxes per resident in 1907. Of the 18 states below Nebraska, 11 were in the Southeast Region. In the Plains Region only Missouri and North Dakota were lower.


Business Summary (R. L. Busboom)

Both Physical Volume and Dollar Volume indexes indicate Nebraska's general level of business activity in December, 1968, was that above that of the same month last year. Both indexes also indicate that the November, 1968, general level of business appears to have been maintained through December. Both the Nebraska indexes were, however, at levels approximately 4% lower than those of the U.S. On a month-to-month bases, however, Nebraska's changes were nearly equal to those of the U.S.