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University of Nebraska News (May 1969) 48(26): 6 pages.


Employment in Export-Related Jobs in Nebraska (Dorothy Switzer)

How many Nebraskans are employed in export-related jobs? What percentage of the state's total private employment is auributable to export business ?

These questions are raised frequently, but until recently no answers could be based on more up- to - date data than 1960 figures. Estimates of employment related to exports of goods, by state, based on data from a 1965 survey of the origins of exports, have now been provided, however, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor. Although unfortunately these estimates do not reflect the dramatic increases in Nebraska export business which have occurred in the past three years, they are of interest not only because they are the most recent available but also because they show Nebraska's relative position with respect to other states in the West North Central Region and in the nation in each of the various categories of export - related employment. Even though the state's export business has shown marked gains recently, it is doubtful that the increases have been sufficient to effect any sharp change in distribution of employment by categories, or in the state's rank in the region and nation.

Geographical Distribution of Federal Taxes (E. S. Wallace)

Allocation of Federal taxes among the states has recently been calculated by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, and the figures were published in the April issue of Nation's Business. The methods of allocation used for the different taxes appear reasonable, and the tabulation seems to give a fairly realistic picture of the geographical distribution of the Federal tax burden.

The Nebraska Water Resources Institute (Warren Viessman, Jr.)

The Water Resources Research Institute is one of the 51 centers established in part by the Water Resources Research Act of 1964. These Institutes were conceived as cooperative ventures between the Federal and state governments and were assigned the primary mission of promoting a more adequate national program of water research.

Business Summary (R. L. Busboom)

Nebraska and U.S. physical and dollar volume indexes for February, 1969, reflect marked increases in the general level of business activity, both from February, 1968, and from January to February, 1969. Compared to their level, of the same month last year, the State's February dollar volume index rose notably more than did that for the U.S. Likewise, both the Nation's and the State's physical volume indexes moved up over last year and over last month. Again, the State's index rose more than that of the U.S. The well - known rising level of prices continued to effect a greater rise in the dollar volume indexes. The increase in the State over last year is in large part due to major increase in construction and electricity produced.