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University of Nebraska News (June 1969) 48(28): 6 pages.


Nebraska's Export of Agricultural Products (Dorothy Switzer)

Nebraska moved up from fourth to third place among the seven states in the West North Central region in dollar volume of agricultural exports in fiscal 1968 and retained its position as ninth ranking state in the nation, according to recent data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Sales amounting to $229.5 million of Nebraska farm products constituted 14.5% of the regional total, exceeded only by Iowa, which accounted for almost one -fourth of the total, and by Kansas, which was second with almost 19%. The West North Central region was again the leading export region, accounting for 25% of the nation's total last year with $1,578.9 billion in volume of sales.

Business Summary (R. L. Busboom)

Generally, the State's business activity in March was well above that of last year. A 13 percent rise in physical volume combined with the well - known rise in level of prices to effect an overall dollar volume increase of 30 percent. A large increase in construction activity was the major factor in the overall, year -to -year gain. Employment levels were notably higher in 1969 than in 1968. Manufacturing employment was nearly 5 percent higher and other employment showed a gain of 4 percent.

Revised Population Estimates (E. S. Wallace)

In making 1968 county and city population estimates it was necessary to change slightly the methodology used, since the head tax has been repealed and is no longer available as one of the indicators. In connection with publication of 1968 estimates in our April issue it was stated that some previous estimates would be recalculated using the new method and that if substantial differences were indicated previous estimates would be revised.