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Business in Nebraska vol. 58, no. 675


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The common notion of a business is a physical place( s) of operation with paid employees. Approximately 49,000 Nebraska businesses fit that concept during the period from 1997 to 2000. But, this group represented only about a third of all businesses operating in the state. The largest and fastest growing type of business was the nonemployer. Recently released u.s. Census Bureau data through 2000, the most recent available, include nonfarm businesses without paid employees that reported over $1,000 in annual receipts to the Internal Revenue Service. However, there are two importantexceptions: 1) all nonemployer establishments in construction are included, regardless of the level of receipts; and 2) all agricultural production establishments (e.g., farms, greenhouses, and nurseries) are excluded.

Nonemployer Business Density

Comparison-Nonemployer/Employer Businesses

Nonemployer Business Growth-Metro/Nonmetro