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Business in Nebraska vol. 57, no. 669


Copyright 2002 by Bureau of Business Research, University of Nebraska.


BBR has expanded its Nebraska public school dis. lj:!f ltrict database to include Census 2000 population and selected BBR population projections data. Now, a new database simplifies access to these data forthe interested public and policy makers. Some Nebraska school districts are physically large, others very small. Some have huge enrollments, while many have very few orno students. Some school districts provide elementary-only education, some are secondary-only, and still others are K-12 (Figure 1). Elementary-only districts are either joined with secondaryonly districts or affiliated with K-12 districts to form school systems. The October 2000 and May 2001 issues of Business in Nebraska (BIN) reported previous studies of Nebraska school districts and can be accessed on BBR's website: www.bbr.unl.edu.Click on the publications link to view an index of previous BIN articles.

School Districts and Census Blocks

BBR's Population Projections

Note on Availability of the Data