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Business in Nebraska vol. 56, no. 654


Copyright 2001 by Bureau of Business Research, University of Nebraska.


Generally, the state's outmigrants are young, highly educated, and financially well off. These are some of the major findings of a survey of recent voting-age outmigrants from Nebraska conducted by the Bureau of Business Research (BBR). The survey period was July-September 2000.

The survey included individuals who recently changed voter registration from Nebraska to another state. The Nebraska Secretary of State's office is notified when a registered voter reregisters in another voting district. A sample of 300 recent registrants was drawn, and each was mailed a questionnaire that focused on their reasons for moving from Nebraska. Over half responded to the survey.

It is important to note at the outset that the survey results are not based on a scientific sample, since the sample likely did not represent all outmigrants, only registered voters. Even though the survey was not scientific, its findings identified major reasons for the state's recent outmigration.